1-2-3 Magic

By: Melissa, mom of three

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I use the technique 1-2-3 magic to help my kids think about their impulsivity at an early age. If you catch them doing something they shouldn’t say “1” in your stern parent voice. Then count ten elephants in your head (I find my slow processors need 15 elephant count). Say nothing else. Then 2 (again count). Do not say anything else. Mostly my kids never get to 3, they stop and think and redirect to something else. But I make sure not to add extra words (this was the hardest part for me as I am a space-filling talker). The first few times were the hardest as I wanted to talk, fill space and redirect with words. After I learned to redirect by showing or pointing to a new activity it saved countless meltdowns, broken things, and inappropriate behaviour. (more info from the experts at https://www.123magic.com/). However, I did also find I had to be consistent. If something was a 1 trigger once it always had to be.