Holy poop method

By: Melissa, mom of three

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When I was a newer mom, I couldn’t wait to get over the need to wipe bums, clean up diapers, and face the challenges that fecal matter brings us. With my first, I struggled to potty train, at that point, I was a mom of three under three, not yet clear that FASD was in my life, and was tired of diapers. Now I know, I was not consistent, I did not know what I did not know. But I found the holy S&*T method super effective for all three of my kids. I think they call it the holy crap method now. But essentially, it is a bare-bottomed adventure, lots of kid potties, (margarine containers work too), and lots of cleaning supplies. It took some time, but cause and effect eventually caught on – especially when we involved prunes juice. But Beware – gag reflexes will be activated, corners/floors will be soiled, and mayhem will ensue for a little while. (And one of my kids, at 15, will still have an accident if they don’t feel like going the five steps to the washroom in night)… but that is another story