PJs and sleep

By: Melissa, mom of three

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My kids have trouble with sleep. My one hated going to bed; he hated white noise, he hated light sensory things, he hated all sorts of tricks as I learned and tried them. Vehemently hated. One day he came upstairs in his sister’s night gown taken from the laundry pile and promptly went to sleep after our established night routine of food, itsy bitsy spider, good night song, and a short story. The next night he got ready for bed and again went down to the laundry and swapped his pjs for his sister’s nightie. So, being a slow learner, I tried to coax him back to his jammies. Did I mention he was vehement about some things… In the end, I learned slowly he hated the tags, the texture and the feel of the tightness on his legs. So, princess nighties were his jam for a bit. And after searching the internet, and coming up blank, I asked grandma to sew him some boy nighties in superman, spiderman and soft textures. A hit was born and sleep was had, for a little time.