Sharing an FASD Diagnosis with Your Child

By: Ab, Father of 1, Canada

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I’m the father to a wonderful little boy named T, now 8, who was formally diagnosed with FASD in January 2022 and my husband and I officially shared the diagnosis with him in December 2022.

I chronicle our parenting journey on the blog My Life with T and there are two posts I would happily adapt from and revise for your resource:

Sharing A Child’s FASD Diagnosis with Them:

Sharing Our Child’s FASD Diagnosis with Him:

I found this be an important milestone of our up and down journey of parenting a child with FASD and I benefited from the learnings of others and hope to share what I am continuing to learn with others. It really does take a village.

Thanks for considering this proposed submission. Take care and best wishes with your project.