Success at camp


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Strategies for success at camp.

1. Pick a camp with as much structure as possible. Call the camps in your area to ask
questions about their programs. Ask about what kinds of structures and routines they

2. Tell the Camp Director that your child has FASD and explain what this means to your
child. Offer to answer all their questions and send them more information about
FASD. Let them know they can contact the FASD Support Network of SK so the camp
staff learn about FASD and can make plans and be prepared.

3. Supervision, supervision, supervision. Supervision at all times even ‘free’ time. Rules
and supervision keep everyone safe. Supervision will help the child to follow the rules.

4. Camp staff or counselors should meet the child and have plans ready to put into place
as soon as the child arrives at camp.

5. A ‘buddy’ system with an older camper or a junior counselor could be set up to give the
child with FASD some extra help and a feeling of security.

6. Verbal instructions must be short and simple. Be precise and concrete. Clearly tell the
child what to do, rather than what not to do.

7. Be consistent and clear with rules. Rules should be as few as possible, but safety for
everyone is important so there will need to be some rules.

8. Be ready to repeat and demonstrate instructions as many times as needed. Instructions
may be needed each time an activity is presented as learning can take longer for
children with FASD.

9. Consequences for poor choices need to be immediate and short-term. Children with
FASD have a poor understanding of cause and effect.

10. Enjoy the creativity of children with FASD. They may excel in some areas such as
crafts and drama.

11. An excellent booklet for parents and camp staff is Your Victory: A Happy Child
Supportive Strategies for the Staff of Children’s Summer Camps. For information on
how to purchase, call the Network office.

Reference: FASD Support Network of Saskatchewan Inc. (n.d.). FASD Tips for Parents and Caregivers Numbers 1-20.