Trial and Error

By: Melissa, mom of three

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For all of these we try to make it fun for practice and use as few words as possible in the moment and I try to be funny.

Big breathing – here I get my kiddo to imagine filling up their body (all the way to their toes with breath). Big in, and then big out.
Square breathing – breathe in for count of three, hold for three, breath out for three, hold for three
Finger breathing – hold up five fingers, have then smell the roses (shake your fingers if you need to get giggles) and blow out the candles (again wiggle those digits until they “fall” down). On those super rough weeks/days, I might draw some flowers on the fingertips or get a “self care” manicure with roses.
Nostril breathing – have them plug one side of their nose and breathe in and then switch sides. This works super well with one of my kiddos.